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Evaluation of IA Group presentation.

First Group

Topic: Green consumerism

This group uses " Prezi" to present their main idea of their topic, it is a new type of tool of presentation, this group offers a good deal of information to support their statement and use video to bond  everything that they present. It is very good.


Second Group

Topic: Animal Poaching

This group uses video to present their main idea of their topic, the music of their video is very suitable with their topic, and the picture in their video is impressive. they perfectly use reliable information to connect the two things, but the content of their presentation seems a little bit of oppressive.


Third Group

Topic: Green Jobs

This group uses video to present their idea of their topic. In their video, many striking pictures were impressed, the content of this video is very funny. but the music in this video was too untidy.


Fourth Group

Topic: Dead zones

This group uses power point to present their idea of their topic. This group give our reasonable explain to us, also the pictures in their power point were very effective to support their statement. they also have video to support their statement.


Fifth Group

Topic: Global Warming

This group focused on the Local influence of the Global Warming which is related to the Corpus Christi. they use multiple methods to support their main idea in this topic. Also, the music of their video was very good.


Sixth Group

Topic: Global Warming

This group uses video to present their idea of their topic. they made very good music content in this video. In addition, the pictures of their video were excellently express ttheir idea.

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